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The shipments are agreed with the corresponding supplier in charge of the sale of the article where the seller and the buyer reach an agreement on the shipping price and stipulated delivery time.

Nixxcommerce for the moment only makes sales and deliveries in Colombia

Nixxcommerce is a channel for the sale of products exclusively online, all the items that are offered are purchased through the web. 

Currently all payments are agreed directly with the seller Nixxcommerce is not responsible for the payment methods established by the seller of the item.  

For this, you must first contact the seller in case your problem is not solved, you must send an email to Nixxcommerce, in the header place a guarantee request, the email must contain photos of the purchased item detailing why the guarantee is requested, invoice of purchase and personal data of the person making the claim, we will contact you to establish how we can help you.

Nixxcommerce is not directly responsible for the products that are offered on the platform since we are only intermediaries, but we are aware of the products that are advertised that meet the characteristics specified by the seller.